Wedding Scandal (2012)

Wedding Scandal HD
Wedding Scandal

Wedding Scandal

Wedding Scandal    Sep 06, 2012

N/A 2012 90 min

Not rated yet

Lee Se-rang, Lee Soo-ho, Kim Min-joon, Kwak Ji-min

South Korea


Who were you? Oops! I forgot the wedding! One day, Jeong-eun (Kwak Ji-min) shows up in front of jobless youth Gi-seok (Kim Min-joon) who’s only specification is his family register. She abruptly asks him about his the marriage with her twin sister So-eun (Kwak Ji-min). Gi-seok looks at her absurdly as they smile awkwardly at each other then he finally remembers the marriage he had with some girl a few years ago, lending her his specifications. (

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